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Thank you for requesting more details about my latest book - Conscious Cures~Soulutions to 21st Century Pandemics, as well as the Book Club Coaching Series that I am offering for FREE.


Conscious Cures is an Amazon Best Seller and

 was awarded the Badge of Achievement by the

International Review of Books!


This timely read responds to the global deterioration of societal, economic, political, and environmental conditions, how they impact the COVID era, and illuminates how we can heal. 


Reasons to read Conscious Cures: 



  Discover cures to heal physically and mentally while building a more equitable world. 


  Learn how to view this time of crisis as an opportunity to explore new ways to thrive rather than just survive.  


  Get motivated to leverage your skills and passions to make a greater impact. 


  You are meant to make a difference in this world for our children and future generations. 


 You'll receive FREE BONUS GIFTS! ($500 value!)



I write to make a difference in the world, not for a living. 

That's why I'm offering you these special bonuses that will ignite 

more positivity in the world.

    All proceeds go to protect Nature 🌱


when you purchase the paperback! 



🌿 FREE enrollment to the Conscious Cures Book Club Coaching Series ($400 value!)


“When a good book ends,

the conversation begins.”


Starting Thursday, October 7th, we will meet once a week for 4 weeks to share more Conscious Cures. Each session will focus on building the immune systems of our body, mind, and spirit while getting us in touch with our purposeful passion.


There will be other regenerative health practitioners and social and environmental justice changemakers joining us. All of us have years of experience and valuable insight to add to the conversation about bringing our health and the health of the Earth into balance. We will share our wisdom, stories, and laughter.


The sessions will go for 1½ hours.

There will be time for Q&A.


After you order the book, you'll get an email with the details.


Here's What You Can Expect...


Weekly Topics:


🌍 Health - Health is our greatest wealth. Immune system building and wellness guidance.


🌍 Family - Unity in community builds our immunity. Improving relationships at home, in our careers, and in our communities.


🌍 Business and Career - Since the Ice Age, nothing has changed the world faster than business. It is ethical businesses, led by morally courageous people, that can rapidly transform our world for the better. Ways to stimulate a regenerative economy - on land and online.


🌍 Planetary healing - When Mother Earth is healthy, we all benefit. How caring for the Earth will reduce the risk of future pandemics.






🌿 Complimentary Private Session ($100 value!)


You'll also receive a 30-minute complimentary private session with me to discuss what's holding you back, or explore your passions.





🌿 Chance to Win a Holistic Hawaii Retreat ($2,000 value!)


You'll have a chance to win a 3-day all-inclusive retreat at Always In Season Farmstead Retreat.


After you order the book, you'll get an email with the details.



🌿 Get Immediate Access to a Private Community with Tips and Resources for a Healthier You and the World. 


Once you purchase the book, you'll receive a link to join our private Facebook group where members are posting their thoughts on the book, sharing Nature photography, and supporting one another. 


As you read the book, I'll address all of your questions and ideas in the private Facebook group.


📚 What other readers are saying...



🌎 “Donna Maltz writes with eloquence and wisdom about the various steps, or

‘Soulutions’, we can take to heal ourselves and our devastated, divided world.

This body of work is a great source of information,

encouraging people to work together toward a 
more balanced, healthy, and harmonious lifestyle.” 

~ The International Review of Books


🌎 “Not preachy or too flowery, just a solid, well-written book 

on how out of control our world is and how our ecosystems are suffering. 

I was able to take a close look at how I approach this world, 

what I take for granted, and how I treat my own body through the foods I ingest.”

 Kenny G. Down, Author and Speaker and Spiritual Seeker


🌎 “Donna Maltz brings together insights

from many of the most challenging problems 

we're facing as a society and provides powerful solutions

(or SOULutions, as she calls them). 

This is a powerful read that everyone looking to make

a meaningful impact in the world today could use.”  

~ Kyle Gray, Entrepreneur and Bestselling Author


🌎 “Donna does it again! An inspirational and eye-opening read.

Read if you want to make a difference in the world

and take care of our beautiful Mother Earth.

Donna's flare for words and dedication to our future

is like breathing a breath of fresh air.”  
~ Serena Carcasole, Founder of Amazing Women Entrepreneurs Network


🌎 “This world is so lucky to have a woman like Mama Donna! 

Sharing such beautiful medicine with us. 

I highly recommend her book!

Seek her out on social media, as she uplifts her followers every single day 💚”  

~ Pierce Wright




Your time is NOW to get healthier and

be part of a supportive community of change-makers.

Our children depend on us - their future matters.  

This opportunity will support you

to be your best self so you can help others.

You will find the Soulutions and opportunities to take action.  



Conscious Cures and the Book Club Series will guide you to make informed and responsible decisions that encourage you to eliminate destructive patterns, adapt to healthy choices, and ignite your purposeful why. Together we can rebuild our communities and create a new paradigm that works for all of lifekind.


You're Awesome


Big Love & Aloha

Mama Donna ~ Why Retire When I Can Inspire


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